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Red Mushroom Brewing Company- 64oz Growler

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The first thing you need to know-

This is NOT beer! 
Red Mushroom Brewing Company manufactures, bottles, and distributes kombucha, a probiotic beverage.
If you have tried Kombucha before, it might have had a strong vinegar taste that is a little intense and harsh, but Red Mushroom Brewing Kombucha does not have that intense kick.  It is smooth, fizzy and tastes fresh and delicious. 
Flavors:  hibiscus, margarita, ginger, and a naked version
What is kombucha?
Though limited scientific evidence and no affirmative FDA reports show the actual benefits of kombucha, it has been consumed by centuries of people from around the world. There is some debate centering around the origins of kombucha; some believing it originated between Russia & China around 220-ishBC, while others believe it to have originated in late- 19th century Russia. It is now consumed globally, with different regions carrying their own name for the beverage. 

Kombucha is made up of bacterial strains; the primary component being acetobacter. It also consists of amino acids, yeasts, lactic acids, and other compounds. In fact, kombucha is the byproduct of a SCOBY mat (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). 
Redeem this certificate for a 64oz growler (any flavor) from Red Brewing. Two places to get it-
Five Points Farmers market in Norfolk - Church and 26th St. 
Or call ahead (757) 639-6765 to stop by their location at 2501 Fawn St., Norfolk, Virginia